Webinar Notes

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The TestingComplexSystems.com website, code repository and presentations have been revised and are now going live! Join us for free, interactive Zoom webinars devoted to building and using software test platforms. A test platform is a purpose-built program designed to exercise, stress and verify a given target software system.

The two webinars are:

-- Webinar A assumes you are part of an engineering team building the Linux "Network File System" (NFS) feature. The NFS implementation must be tested, especially while it undergoes system stress and configuration changes. The webinar starts by presenting the overall goals and operation of the test platform "nfsTest".

-- Webinar B presents a relatively detailed view of how test platform code is built and operates. It starts with gDS - a lightweight, Python-based relational data store. The webinar also references, as needed, code and operation from the 3 case studies in the website.

Attendees will have opportunities to ask questions and direct the flow of the presentation.

You can book either webinar using the "Webinars | Book Webinars" tab on the website. The "Webinars | Webinar Notes" tab also has important information on it.

Whether you are an Engineering Director, a Test Automation practitioner or somewhere in between you are dedicated to the same goals. The materials presented in the webinars give you a common vocabulary to help pursue those goals.