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Hello! Thank you for reading this website, watching the videos on it, and referencing and running the code in the associated GitHub repository. They have been enjoyable to create, but they have also been a challenge because they present two technologies at the same: “test platforms” and “gDS”.

When I first started to build test platforms, they were in C and Perl. Neither had the “zero code” data store capability expressed by gDS. As I worked on test platforms, they became more and more capable and complex. As I figured out how gDS was to work in Python, it made creating and supporting complex test platforms much easier. There is no way I could use either technology alone, so they are presented together on this website.

My goal with this website is to provide substantial, useful material. If you have comments or questions, contact me. Also, this website is powered by a GoDaddy authoring package that does not support reader comments, so I have created a public Facebook group called “Testing Complex Systems” to serve the purpose, as well as a “Discussions” in the GitHub repo.

Thanks again,
Tom Alborough

Andrea joins us as a documentation specialist. With a prior career in software engineering and software quality engineering, Andrea has experience with both test platforms and gDS. She has built and maintained significant test platforms and understands the engineering contained in gDS. She has interfaced directly with system architects, system developers, and project management staff to ensure the overall testing efforts produced value for various projects.

She has now transitioned into a copywriting/documentation career, and is revising the existing documentation and creating new documentation for simplicity, clarity, and usability. Her work is currently rolling out on an incremental basis.