A large silver airplane in an air hangar.

Overview & TOC

Here, we review each case study and how it operates. Each case study can be run on a Linux host, and there is also a video with each one.

The URL for the public GitHub repository holding the gDS code generator and case study code is:

The above can be browsed to or cited in a “git clone” command.

Case Study 1 — The goal is to show how gDS works. The program performs some very basic operations with gDS.

Case Study 2 — The goal is to present a self-contained program with the “look and feel” of a real test platform.

Case Study 3 — This presents a real, external “system under test” and tests a platform to match it. It focuses on tracking the configuration changes a complex system may need to make as it operates, losing and gaining hosts, performing software upgrades and downgrades, and handling system faults.

Look for videos in each Case Study section.