Code Generated by gDSCodeGen


This describes the code generated by “gDSCodeGen.”

The first items created are the global-shared tables and any other singular data items. Then, the routines below are generated.

<table name>_AddARow

Add a single row to the given table. The routine accepts mandatory arguments, then optional arguments. Given column names in the format <table name>_<column name>, the dummy argument names would be _<column name>.

The routine returns the index/reference of the added row.

<table name>_DeleteRows

Delete some or all rows in a table. The one optional argument, “rowStatusValueToDelete,” must cite the RowStatus value of the rows to delete. The value “! All!” deletes all rows. If a range or set of values must be deleted, pre-process the rows to set the RowStatus column's value to some single value (e.g., “Delete Me”).

The routine returns the count of rows left in the table.

<table name>_DumpRows

Dump the values in a table to the screen. The one optional argument, “listToDump,” can be a list of row references to the dump. The default value of “! All!” dumps all the rows in the table.